Business Development

Business development is briefly about raising the standards that contribute to the organizations’ success, and accordingly we work at cer10 – through our experts who have succeeded for many years in developing the performance of countless companies – to provide this service to our customers; we believe in its necessity for the future of their business and the success of their investments.

On the internal and external levels, cer10 develops the business…

Externally, our experts have succeeded in creating expansions for our clients beyond the closed borders, by giving them the necessary consultation to make the right decisions in investment deals. Our experts also internally succeeded in providing the most sophisticated administrative and organizational methods for companies, by applying the mechanisms that increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Business development often necessitates making crucial decisions, we pay special attention – with each external and internal consultation at cer10 – on the following factors:

First: On the external level:

  • Evaluation of the current business situation, in terms of analyzing (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • Analysis of the current state of the industry in general and growth forecasts.
  • Analyzing competitors’ growth.
  • The primary sources of sales / revenue for the existing business and their dependencies.
  • New and unidentified market opportunities.
  • New Fields / Products / Sectors eligible for business expansion.
  • The long-term vision, especially in regard to the proposed initiatives.
  • Cost areas and possible cost-saving options.

Second: On the internal level:

  • Raising the efficiency of the company’s administrative sectors, based on modern scientific models.
  • Measuring performance and establishing oversight mechanisms.
  • Reliance on quality assurance schemes; to raise the efficiency of the internal sectors.
  • The primary sources of sales / revenue for the existing business and their dependencies.
  • Establishment of mechanisms for cooperation between internal sectors in a way that facilitates decision-making and ensures that tasks and responsibilities are appropriately distributed.