Environment & Sustainability

Man has burdened himself everyday by engaging in human activities that destroy the environment at which he lives, which made encountering this threat an urgent necessity and an ethical duty stemming from the self, regardless of it being a societal and legal responsibility.

There is no doubt that industrial enterprises and others negatively affect the environment. To that end, at cer10, our professional environmentalists are officially certified, we provide real solutions to the current and future challenges that each company faces – regulatory, governmental, and environmental.

At cer10, we apply research made by our specialists as well as studies concluded in developing solutions that help and support our clients. In addition to the labor market that also works in more efficient ways to protect the environment in a way that guarantees the completion of procedures and compliances with environmental standards at the lowest costs, and even turns them into strong factors for generating higher returns.

cer10 offers its clients the following environmental services:

  • Conducting field follow-ups; to develop plans that meet local and international standards and requirements.
  • Preparing Environmental Impact Assessment studies.
  • Preparing Environmental CAP strategies (Compliance Action Plan).
  • Creating waste management plans for solid, liquid, and hazardous waste.
  • Providing environmental performance reports.
  • Developing environmental risk assessment studies.
  • Preparation of mathematical dispersion models of air and water studies.
  • Preparing environmental records & material and waste hazards records.
  • Preparing material and waste hazard records and general environmental register.