Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety are not intended as that superficial concept of safety. The industrial revolution that we are living in now has called for strict laws, policies aimed primarily at the Health & Safety of all parties who execute professional operations, and accordingly, fulfilling these strict laws and policies and civil protection requirements have become more complex.

At cer10, our experts pay close attention to Health & Safety policies and civil protection procedures, from risk analysis, contingency planning, response preparations, to adoption of the latest warning and guidance systems. Moreover, cer10 provides its clients with the guarantee of obtaining occupational Health & Safety approvals from the relevant administrative authorities.

cer10 experts help you apply the Ten Basic Rules for Occupational Health & Safety:

  1. Civil protection procedures and emergency plans.
  2. Qualifying companies to obtain the necessary safety and civil protection approvals and finalizing procedures of the relevant administrative authorities.
  3. Designation of competencies of health and safety management professionals.
  4. Set up a health and safety policy as a model to follow.
  5. Assessing and identifying risks within the work environment.
  6. Involving workers in the dialogue.
  7. Providing information and training related to Health & Safety.
  8. Providing first aid supplies at worksites and training workers to use them.
  9. Preparing posters, instructions, and legal advice for display.
  10. Compliance with the law (Health and Safety Laws at Work, Criminal and Civil Laws).