Human Capital

Under the umbrella of this administration are the strategic and comprehensive systems and methods of managing individuals, where the role of human capital experts is to ensure the care and support of the most important assets of the company; its human capital, through the creation and inclusion of the necessary programs, policies, and procedures, as well as promoting a positive work environment under the umbrella of cooperative senior management.

cer10 does not limit itself to just enhancing the basic role of human capital, but rather works – through its experts – to transform this sector into one of the sources of profit of the institution, by applying the latest scientific and operational policies in measuring the labor turnover rate and working to reduce it. In addition to avoiding the waste of time, wealth and saving a distinguishable amount of expenditures.

cer10 services in human capital management focuses on the following:

  • Building an integrated organizational structure, commensurate with each industry.
  • Conducting field surveys to prepare clear and accurate job descriptions and job specifications.
  • Analyzing the gaps between job requirements and their occupants as well as preparing specialized training programs to qualify these calibers to achieve a more distinguished performance.
  • Recruitment.
  • Compensation and incentives.
  • Analysis of the work cycle, mapping of tasks and responsibilities, and reporting mechanism between different departments.
  • Labor and employee relations.
  • Institutional development.
  • Evaluating the calibers according to the latest accredited international standards, in complete confidentiality and transparency.