Marketing is the crown that sheds light on the importance of all business enterprises; It is an organization’s thinking mind and the most loyal part of it, as it speaks of the organization and represents its identity. Marketing is the pen that highlights an entity’s accomplishments and achievements and shows its competencies in the best possible way.

At cer10, we have researched the field of marketing to provide you with an integrated marketing service, from preparing market studies, market analysis, searching for the promising opportunities and building marketing studies based on accurate data that guarantee great success, to supervising the implementation of these studies in methods that make their application accessible for our clients. At cer10, we offer the services of photographic design, digital marketing, media production, event management, as well as production services. Our most distinguished calibers support you in achieving exceptional quality rates at all fields in a harmonious blend.

cer10 provides its clients with the following marketing services:

  • Market study, analysis, and identification of promising opportunities.
  • Building marketing studies based on accurate data.
  • Executing marketing plans and supervising the implementation of market studies.
  • Event Management.
  • Design and production (Logos, Brand Identity, Brochures and Catalogs, Websites)
  • Digital Marketing:
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Social Media Platform(s) Management.
  • Analyze and measure interaction/engagement rates on all platforms.
  • Media Campaigns.
  • Interaction with followers through direct messages and comments.
  • Promotion and Advertising Management.
  • Monthly Reports.
  • Website management.
  • Media Production:
  • Creative Content
  • Video Campaign(s)
  • Photography
  • Initiatives launch and management:

cer10’s creative team supports you with innovative ideas for initiatives that suit the nature of your business and identifying the right time to launch them. Furthermore, we bear the responsibilities of launching the entire initiative along with managing and implementing them on the ground.

  • Supporting your marketing team:

cer10 excels through its experts in providing marketing consultation to the marketing department(s) in your company, building an approach that your team members can take to produce more efficiently and creatively, as well as providing them with the latest professional methods and technologies.