It is no longer an option now for companies to rely on technical services and effective information systems in order to increase productivity. Professional IT support services have become advanced in methods that enable companies to maintain their competitiveness and support them by assurance methodologies, and to play a major role in their progress and smooth completion of their business elements, such as Human Capital, Finance, Manufacturing, Security, Operation, Sales and Distribution, Supply Chains, and all fields.

The technology sectors are among the most burdensome for the company; due to its high financial costs, the multiplicity of its requirements and its complexity, and the difficulty of choosing between its alternatives. Therefore, we have worked at cer10 on accurate analysis, preparing reports of security, performance, strengths, and weaknesses, in order to save time and effort for our clients by providing them with the necessary consultation; to make the most effective and COST-efficient decisions.

If a company lacks an information technology backbone, it will not find a place in the business world. Therefore, we turn your difficult decisions into simplified decisions when it comes to the technical aspects of information technology in your operations, whether it is studying the expected growth or achieving the highest return on investment.

Considering the above, cer10 provides the following IT services:

  • Technical advice for any of your strategic decisions.
  • Perform IT penetration testing and security analysis.
  • Provide the latest electronic means and applications that enable decision-makers to follow the details of their work effectively and easily.
  • Design, creation, evaluation, and supervision of data centers.
  • Digital strategic consulting.
  • Technology engineering consultancy.
  • Evaluation, creation, and development of technological infrastructure.
  • Evaluate your work team(s) within the IT sector.
  • Provide support in attracting the necessary expertise that will contribute to your organization.
  • Support digital transformation in all your services and means.

cer10 is highly distinguished by its reliance on secrecy in preserving its client information, in a manner that exceeds the norm, and in order to confirm the secrecy, we commit with our clients to strict contracts that provide them with trust and assures safety. This gives our clients confidence and assurance that they are in safe hands.