Considering the constant need for continuous development, training plays its pivotal role in creating calibers and adapting them to all that is current and new. Accordingly, our experts support our clients in analyzing, exchanging visions, and adopting partnership as their strategy to supplement our clients with advice and innovative solutions that have positively contributed to their journey of success; and remain a base that guides the way to more success.

cer10’s training services cover three areas:

Firstly: Vocational Training

At cer10, we prepare the scientific calibers who lack the ability to manage direct operations through workshops that integrate them in all stages of the process. In addition to providing training courses for technicians who lack scientific knowledge that refine their skills and expand their perceptions.

Secondly: Administrative Training

A promising work environment gathers together those who care for, communicate, develop, innovate, and have the flexibility and discipline with a pragmatic and goal-oriented vision. At cer10, we create competent managers by preparing customized training programs, according to field research, and commensurate with their job roles.

Thirdly: Language Training

At cer10, we are very concerned with the cultural level of the employees, and since language is the interpretation of the human being and what it tells about his person; cer10 has prepared language training courses in both Arabic and English. Through cer10’s linguistic experts, training programs are prepared to raise the employees’ linguistic level and apply the latest scientific theories in developing their language skills at all levels along with enabling them to learn new language(s).